Channel 12 WBNG, Johnson City, NY
July 5, 2007

These teenagers are traveling the Northeast, using their summer to inspire others....

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July 26, 2001

  • "The town needs this kind of wholesome family entertainment"
  • "The group takes it's artistic mission seriously"

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The Lutheran

August 1997

"Since its start in 1970, the troupe has visited 28 states and Canada, has appeared in more than 320 communities and has touched the lives of nearly 250,000 people."

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  • "My best friends are friends from my Tent Troupe years"
  • "Young people we met on the tour can't believe we do all this work and don't get paid"

Audience Comments

  • "Our town as well as our congregation is better for Tent Troupe's visit"
  • "I have two children ages 8 and 10. You all set such a wonderful example for them and you have no idea how meaningful that is to us."
  • "You're kids are excellent role models"
  • "[Their] energy is amazing"
  • "It was a unique experience for those who attended"
  • "I was very impressed with the warm and outgoing nature of each of the Tent Troupers that I had the occasion to talk with."
  • "Even though I graduated from Tent Troupe 30 years ago, it molded how I am today, my values, my friendships, my Christianity. You have a jewel in Roney Shawe."

  Tent Troupe is a ministry of
  Saint Luke Lutheran Church
  9100 Colesville Road
  Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
  Phone: 301-588-4363